The best call centers in Cebu

Call center
Call center

The biggest call centers in Cebu City

There are a lot of call centers in Cebu. 10 of these companies are the biggest and the most popular. Among them, there are Executive Boutique Call Center, Eperformax, BPOSeats Call Center, Sykes Asia, Accenture, TeleTech, Teleperfomance, etc. Let's find out more detailed information about some of them. 

Executive Boutique Call Center. This company offers outsourcing services, serves customers for start-up companies. Using the services of this call center, companies can hire the required number of employees. 

BPOSeats Call Center. Its main task is office maintenance and call center seat leasing in Cebu. BPOSeats has the lowest prices. 

SYNNEX Corporation. This is call center, that engaged in attracting customers, increasing company productivity and business services. SYNNEX provides services in 10 industries: health care, travels, media, etc.

SYKES. It is connected with digital marketing and customer acquisition. The main purpose is attracting customers to Global 2000 company. The main office is in Florida. 

Xlibris. Employees of this company help people with publishing their books. Also call center offers editorial services, publication in black and white colour formats, in soft and hard covers. 

So, Cebu has many call centers, that provide quality services.

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