Reconstruction of hatches. Tragic event with a child


Reconstruction of all hatches in the Cebu City

THE Cebu City Department of Engineering and Public Works will organize the reconstruction of all hatches in the Cebu City on July 15, 2019. What caused this?

The news of the drowned boy shocked the inhabitants of the city. John Clark Ebua, 5 fell into the hatch Sitio Exoville, Barangay Basak-Pardo on July, 13. It rained that day. And during the game, he slipped and fell into the box culvert.  His body was discovered near the Tagunol Bridge at 5:45 p.m. last Sunday. Dave Tumulak, City Councilor said, the depth of the culvert was about 40 meters. Members of the Cebu City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office and also rescuers from other divisions started looking for a boy that day when he fell into the hatch, on July, 13. The search began at the box culvert. Later rescuers continued their search near the Tagunol bridge, where they found the body. 

DEPW head, Kenneth Carmelita Enriquez, reported, they got a lot of requests to replace manhole covers and canals, but they have no requests from Barangay Basak-Pardo. Also, she said, hatches will be covered with temporary steel covers, until the permanent plates arrive. Moreover, special signs will be installed that will warn people of danger.

Reconstruction culvert hatches drowned boy
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