Refreshing Pahangog Twin Falls

Pahangog Twin Falls
Pahangog Twin Falls

A place, which would not be forgot is for sure Pahangog Falls. It is not only one waterfalls, but a bonus there are two of them, they are twins! A real pleasure is waiting for visitors, who desire to see and enjoy the Pahangog Twin Falls.

The Pahangog Twin Falls is situated in Bohol and if to be specific in Dimiao. This waterfalls one is able to find in the thick Brgy forest. The Pahangog Twin Falls is surrounded by beautiful nature: green thick trees and other vegetation, which is a way to the waterfalls. The falls is attracting everyone to come, to swim and to deep or dive to the unbelievable atmosphere and it is really very stunning. Even during hot summer months, the falls is beautiful and refreshing. Falling water, this strong cold stream, when reaching to the pool, is creating a nature-made lagoon.

The height of the Pahangog Twin Falls is about 90 feet or 30 meters. It is divided into 2 waterfalls, that is why it is called Twin falls. Some nice caves are located not far from the falls. There are lots of stalagmites and different shapes and sizes of stalactites.

Just after arriving to this waterfalls, people are amazed by innate beauty of it. The turquoise clear water, which is really stunning, “makes” people take a dip in the refreshing water. It is better to come in the mornings here, as then there would be lots of people.

By the way, there is a possibility of staying here for some days and fulling by this atmosphere greatly. The waterfalls’ water is able to clear “bad” minds, one would forget every problem, which happened in his/ her life and feel positive emotions. The Pahangog Twin Falls gives unforgettable and unbelievable experience, which worth trying. Come here and have a real rest, enjoying the stunning nature and its creations!

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