A beautiful creation of nature Cabagnow Cave Pool

pond in Cabagnow Cave
pond in Cabagnow Cave

Each and every cave has its own peculiarities and is attractive to people. Some of them are mysterious and have interesting story, others are popular just because of their beauty. Anda’s full of great places and the Cabagnow Cave Pool is one of its true jewels. The water of this cave pool is crystal clear, that swimming in it is an amazing thing.

The Cabagnow Cave Pool is known also as Kabagno Cave Pool. The water is so fresh and clean, that everyone wants to swim in it. Water filtered through the limestone and then formed some peculiarities of the cave’s pond. Formed by limestone, Kabagno Cave Pool is situated in Bohol, if to be specific where Anda is situated.Different geologic activity and water movement caused the cave’s creation in most parts of Bohol.

The depth of the Kabagno Cave Pool is about 20-25 feet, which is good for swimming and enjoying. The cave has a height of 15-18 feet, that is enough for your knees to shake in fear.

The Cabagnow Cave Pool looks like a big hole, but it has a charming pole which attracts visitors to dive.

Have an interesting excursion around the cave, take beautiful photos and spend a really great time resting and swimming. Do not miss a chance to enjoy a perfect nature.

Cebu places of interest Cabagnow Cave Pool ,a place worth visiting in the Philippines
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