4 teenagers deal with burglary indictments

4 teenagers deal with burglary indictments, Rani

CEBU, Philippines — Four men, including a 15-year-old, are dealing with burglary indictments under the steady gaze of the court. 

A 18-year-elderly person was arraigned for supposedly taking the gun and other individual assets of a cop. 

Examiner II Ma. Johanna Desamparado-Calustre held Jake Mose Panurel, an occupant of Barangay Cogon-Ramos, Cebu City, for preliminary in the wake of discovering reasonable justification. 

"The demonstration of the respondent in coercively opening the window of the multicab van establishes brutality as pondered by law. In light of the immediate, direct, and uncontested recognizable proof by the complainant that the respondent was the one in charge of the taking, the undersigned discovers reasonable justification to arraign the respondent of the wrongdoing of theft," Calustre's goals read. 

Patrolman Rommel Montes, Jr., in his grievance sworn statement, said Panurel coercively opened his vehicle's window and took the last's sling sack containing his issued gauge 9 mm stacked with 15 rounds of ammo worth P70,000, cell phone worth P15,000, Philippine National Police distinguishing proof card, robotized teller machine card, and P6,000 money. 

The vehicle was left along F. Ramos Street in Barangay Cogon Ramos at around 1 a.m. on May 17 a year ago. 

Panurel, in an examination continuing, selected not to answer the claim recorded against him. Rather, he showed to confront the case in court. 

The examiner suggested a safeguard obligation of P72,000 for Panurel's brief freedom. 

In a different improvement, three adolescents—two 19-year-old and a 15-year-old—were captured for ransacking a bakeshop specialist on N. Bacalso Avenue in Barangay Bulacao, Cebu City Tuesday day break. 

The suspects were recognized as John Sabejon Regasajo, 19, and Eleovir Mogul Bacus, 19. The retaining the name of the minor. Every one of them are inhabitants of Barangay Bulacao. 

Regasajo supposedly pointed a 11-inch blade at Jessie Rosallosa, 28, while Bacus and the minor entered the store and trucked away P10,000 in real money. 

The chaperon revealed the episode to the specialists, who brought forth a task against the suspects. 

The three suspects were caught in Sitio Villa Bulsita, Barangay Bulacao, Cebu City. 

Staff of the Pardo Police Station, in any case, just recovered P350 from the suspects, who are presently confined at the station and are set to deal with burglary indictments.

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