A forest created by man- the Bohol Forest

The Bohol Forest, Yuli
The Bohol Forest

 The Bohol Forest

 Nature creates great things, so do the people sometimes. There is one forest, which was made by man. Its name is the Bohol Forest and situated in Bohol logically, on the border of Bilar and Loboc. The forest has a length about 2 kilometes. It is full of Mahogany trees. The forest is very green with thick trees and amazing variety of different plants like giant ferns.

The Bohol Forest

Looking at these thick red trees, one can think them to be sentinels, who guards the road along. The trees are naturally grown, so do not worry about it. The trees created a big canopy, which attracts visitors to see this place and to make beautiful photos.

The trees’ roots seem to be a giant octopus’s tentacles. Entering the forest, one could feel how the temperature changes, especially if it a hot season like summer. Freshness is a distinguish feature of the forest itself.

The Bohol Forest is often used by the directors of famous films and can be seen in many films as well. This forest creates unbelievable atmosphere and will complement every picture and ideas.

For the lovers of forest walks, it is also a perfect choice. Bikes rides use the forest as well.

One should visit this place as a must. So do not miss the chance to enjoy the beauty of nature. The walk will clear your mind of different thoughts and give lots of energy.

Cebu places of interest the Bohol Forest
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