Katibawasan Falls. A pice of art created by nature

Katibawasan Falls, Yuli
Katibawasan Falls

There is great place of interest in Camiguin, that is Katibawasan Falls. The falls is a real «pearl» of the island thanks to its unbelievable charm and enormous size. A spirit of adventure all could be felt, as this place is situated inside a dense wood, which is full of big trees and vines. It is so cool that such great falls exist on such a small island.

Katibawasan Falls has a height of 250 meters, so the water, falling down from it, has a really strong and cold flow. Its water creates a mist and sprinkles refreshing splashes.

Clear and clean attracts to jump and relax swimming.

The closer you are coming to the falls, the deeper the water is becoming.

To have an interesting excursion you can have a guide, who knows lots of great facts. It is said that the river under the fall was much wider in the past. But once a strong typhoon happened and some falls of big rocks, which make the river shorter.

There is a place in Katibawasan Falls, which offers to try tasty Kiping snack. It is a really delicious dessert, which includes coconut syrup. It very sweet and big enough, so 2 people can feel “full” with it.

The entrance fee to Katibawasan Falls is P30.00. By the way, this place is free of smoke. So be careful with it, as there is a high fine for breaking this rule.

Do not fail to see Katibawasan Falls, as it is really worth visiting, because of unbelievable beauty and charming nature.

Cebu places of interest A beautiful place of Camiguin- Katibawasan Falls Katibawasan Falls
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