The Old Guiob Church Ruins - the remains of old church

The Old Guiob Church Ruins, Yuli
The Old Guiob Church Ruins

Every place has its special history, the Old Guiob Church Ruins had a terrible and violent one.

This place is located in Catarman, it is in Camiguin.

The Old Guiob Church Ruins are everything, which was left from the Spanish church. This church was built in the 16th century and in one century it was destroyed. It happened on the 13th of May in 1871, when there was a terrible volcanic eruption. The town was completely ruined by Mt. Vulcan.

The church lost all its roof, but the walls were strong enough and still remain. Just imagine: massive, beautiful walls, which remind about that terrible day and what had happened.

If to observe from the road, one can think that these walls are just a part of an ancient fortress. But still looking at it, it is easy to imagine how big and how beautiful the building was.

Coming closer to the ruins, one will see rather new small chapel- a place for the local people to pray. It is pale, decorated in a simple way.

There are lots of trees around the building. One very big tree is situated here, too. It survived all the tremors and the strong eruption.

This place really amazes and admires. Every remained piece of those ruins is a memo of violent and dark past. The atmosphere is so strong and full of strength and hope for the better future.

Come here and feel strong emotions, which the past will give you.

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