The Sunken Cemetery. Interesting place to visit

The Sunken Cemetery. Interesting place to visit, Yuli

Camiguin is a small part of the Philippines, located in the Bohol, it is about 10 kilometers from the north coast of Mindanao Island. Camiguin Island has a volcanic origin and it consists of four young volcanoes covering old volcanic structures. These volcanoes include the mountain Hiboc-Hiboc and also Mt. volcano, which are still considered active and whose eruption happened in 1953.

After the strong eruption of Mount Valken, which happened in 1871 and all coastal area of ​​the city of Qatarman was flooded into the sea. This flood covered a local cemetery near the Bonbon village.

The Sunken Cemetery surfaced at low tide before a series of volcanic eruptions happened 1948-1953, which moved the earth further down to the sea.

To mark the location of the sunken cemetery, a large cross was installed in 1982. Today, it not only serves as a clear reminder of the island. It is also a diving-snorkeling site.

One can rent a boat or other means of transport to get to this place.

This place is worth visiting, but it won`t be a funny trip, as it has a sad history.

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