Greater part of ministers in Cebu to be reshuffled

THE Archdiocese of Cebu will actualize a gigantic patch up for its in excess of 320 ministers from 150 areas in seven regions and archdiocesan commissions. 

By Aug. 6, 2019, every one of the ministers are relied upon to answer to their new assignments. 

The establishments of new ministers in areas will occur on Aug. 13-23. 

Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma has designated vicars general, episcopal vicars and chancellors to manage the functions. 

"It has been quite a while since we had a reshuffling of this scale and extent. I truly trust and implore that everything will be cultivated with more noteworthy's benefit of our Mother Church at the top of the priority list and all in the soul of brotherly philanthropy and comprehension," read a segment of Palma's message to clerics which saw print on Bag-ong Lungsoranon. 

Last Friday, June 14, the reassignment was declared at the San Pedro Calungsod Chapel in the South Road Properties in Cebu City. 

Msgr. Raul Go, an active individual from the group service of the Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parish in Barangay Poblacion Pardo, Cebu City, said it would useful for the area's development if there is another group of ministers. 

"Kay sack o na pud, new na pud, presko na pud ang pamaagi. Makasuway og lain na pud nga style ang mga parokyano (If the service is new, it would mean a new style. The parishioners will encounter another style)," Go revealed to Superbalita last Sunday, June 16. 

Not exclusively will the redo be the greatest that the archdiocese has seen, it will likewise be the first to be done at the same time, Go said. 

Previously, just 30 to 40 percent of clerics were incorporated into reassignments. 

"This is really what clerics have been imagining about. Previously, on the off chance that you were incorporated into the reshuffling and just little wards were included, you wouldn't get an opportunity of getting relegated in huge areas. The equivalent can be said if the reshuffling just included enormous areas, ministers wouldn't get an opportunity to be doled out in little wards," Go said in Cebuano. 

Go will stay as the legal vicar of the archdiocese's metropolitan court. 

Msgr. Ruben Labajo, the active arbitrator of the group of ministers at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, said 20 percent of the clerics who lead archdiocesan commissions will likewise be a piece of the patch up. 

Labajo has been the pioneer of the house of God's ministers in the previous six years. He will be moved to the St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Balamban. 

He will be supplanted by Msgr. Camilo Alia, active group arbitrator of the Archdiocesan Shrine of St. Michael the Archangel in Argao. 

From Pardo, Go will be moved to the house of God where he will be joined by individual ministers Joseph Stephen Anore, Glenn Guanzon, Ulyses Desales, Earl Sevilla and Japheth Geonzon, the parochial vicar. 

The Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral is the mother church of the Archdiocese of Cebu. 

Msgr. Joseph Tan will remain as the archdiocese's media contact, yet he has additionally been designated the new minister of the San Carlos Seminary College. 

Msgr. Agustin Ancajas of the Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parish in Poblacion Pardo has been selected as the new clergyman of the San Pedro Calungsod Chapel at the South Road Properties. 

Ancajas will clutch his post of director of the archdiocesan commission on social correspondences. 

Among the individuals who are remaining as leaders of their separate Curia workplaces and commissions are Fr. Joseph Stephen Anore of the Office of Economic Affairs-Oeconomus, Msgr. Renato Beltran as the archdiocesan chancellor, Fr. Brian Brigoli of the Cebu Archdiocesan Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church, Fr. Glenn Guanzon of the Commission on Worship and Fr. Murphy Sarsonas of the Commission on Environmental Concern, among others.

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