Don Sergio Osmeña Sr. Memorabilia and CAP Art Gallery

CAP Art Gallery, Rani
CAP Art Gallery

At the point when Don Sergio Osmeña, second president and the main Cebuano leader of the Philippines, resigned to Cebu after a respected profession as legislator and statesman, he moved together with his second spouse, Doña Esperanza Limjap of Binondo, into the house along Jones Avenue, presently Osmeña Boulevard. He lived here until his passing on October 19, 1961. 

Don Sergio Osmeña Sr. Memorabilia and CAP Art Gallery, photo-1,

The house and grounds have the American tropical plan. The house has a private lift that used to convey the maturing president starting from the earliest stage the second floor. The unobtrusiveness of the house when contrasted with those claimed by the Borromeos, the Villalons, and the Garcias, for instance, talks about the Cebuano perfect of living "in relaxed." 


The individual assets of Don Sergio are in plain view here just as the workmanship gathering of the College Assurance Plan, which purchased the house. The memorabilia incorporates some old Bentwood furniture, photos, and a wonderful visiting dark Cadillac that the president utilized in his lifetime.

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