Fort San Pedro. Popular historical place in Cebu. Has a popularity around tourist.

Fort San Pedro, Yuli
Fort San Pedro

Among the places of interest of the Philippines is an ancient fortress, known as Fort San Pedro. It is situated in Cebu city. The fortress is the oldest structure of its kind in all the Philippines.

The Spanish Conquistador founded it and led the colonial activities of Spain in the new lands. It happened in 1565, at the very beginning of the Spanish expansion in the Philippines. The role of the fort protected the garrison and a small number of civilians of Cebu. The fort became the core and heart of Cebu.

Fort San Pedro has triangle shape with one land sideand two sea ones. The fort was equipped with cannon weapons and was a formidable force, especially for local tribes. The height of the walls ranged from 2.5 to 6 meters, and the height of the towers reached 9 meters. Total perimeter was 380 meters.

The first restoration of the fort took place at the end of the 18th century as part of the improvement of the city of Cebu. 100 years later, during the Philippine revolution, the fort was a stronghold for revolutionaries.

In 1957, some attempts were made to demolish the fortress. But, fortunately, it remained in a good condition. Then the restoration was carried out in accordance with the original drawings. Currently Fort San Pedro a historical museum.

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