Ombuds throws out malversation raps versus Ronda councilor

CEBU, Philippines — For absence of legitimacy, the Office of the Ombudsman-Visayas has rejected the criminal grumbling recorded against a previous councilor of the district of Ronda over affirmed unliquidated loans.

Roel Carreon was sued for an infringement of Article 217 (malversation) of the Revised Penal Code in 2010.

Unite examination and indictment officer II Jose Melandro Garcia Jr. dropped the objection documented against Carreon after he had the option to settle his commitment.

"Respondent does not deny that the assets referenced for this situation are open assets from the coffers of the region of Ronda. He, in any case, focuses on that the assets he got were at that point exchanged. Along these lines, the last component to hold him subject for the wrongdoing charged is discovered needing," read the goals.

In 2010, the Field Investigation Office (FIO) recorded a malversation body of evidence against Carreon before the Office of the Ombudsman for purportedly neglecting to exchange his exceptional loans adding up to P325,807 from 2007 to 2008.

The Commission on Audit Circular No. 97-002 orders the convenient liquidation of loans made by open authorities and representatives.

Likewise, Section 89 of Presidential Decree 1445 requires the liquidation of a loan when its motivation has been served.

Carreon, in his counter-affirmation, conceded neglecting to promptly exchange his loans. He, be that as it may, brought up that the loans were in the long run represented and that he presented the liquidation records to Municipal Accountant Genera Kasayan.

He further said that he never again had any budgetary responsibility with the district of Ronda since he orchestrated with the region that any deficiency he brought about would be charged against his partition/terminal pay.

Along these lines, he looked for the rejection of the grievance.

Garcia decided that the P325,807 loans were at that point considered by their office when Carreon was accused of a different instance of malversation, among different wrongdoings, for purportedly neglecting to sell his loans.

In the said case, Carreon supposedly neglected to settle his record in the measure of P501,687.82 as of December 2009.

The P325,807 was incorporated into the P501,687.82 loans.

Garcia decided that since the malversation, among different wrongdoings, was expelled with conclusiveness in 2015, Carreon had no risk.

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