Muslim people group seeks after Grand Mosque in Cebu

CEBU CITY, Philippines – The National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) – Visayas is trusting that a Grand Mosque will some time or another be worked in Cebu as the Muslim people group keeps on developing in the Visayas district. 

Chief Malo Manonggiring, the leader of the NCMF-Visayas, said that with at any rate five mosques and Islam focuses and with more than 50,000 Muslim inhabitants in Cebu, a Grand Mosque can help become a strong place for the confidence. 

"A Grand Mosque will fill in as the assembly of confidence for Islam in Cebu. It will enable Muslims to see one another and keep the harmony. As Islam is a religion of harmony," said Manonggiring on June 5, 2019, which is the day the Muslim people group remembered Eid al-Fitr, or the finish of Ramadan. 

He said that a Grand Mosque will engage the Muslim people group with their confidence and will likewise give pioneers, for example, the Imams, a spot where they can combine and talk about issues of Islam. 

Nonetheless, Manonggiring said the test would obtain the funds to begin constructing the Grand Mosque, as structure one would involve assets. 

He trusts the Muslim people group in Cebu will in the end cooperate to back the development of a Grand Mosque. 

The NCMF-Visayas, then, works consistently with nearby government units (LGUs) to give a superior personal satisfaction for the Muslims in the locale. 

Manonggiring said that the objective of the Commission is to advocate for a harmonious connection among Muslims and non-Muslims in the district. 

He said there remains the attitude of non-Muslims in by and large non-Muslim locales, for example, the Visayas that Muslims are peons, something the commission needs to eradicate. 

"Muslims are not peons. They are Filipino natives, equivalent to each other Filipino whatever the religion," said Manonggiring. 

He trusts that Muslims can be permitted to rehearse their confidence and their way of life calmly, without separation from non-Muslims. 

Thusly, he trusts that non-Muslim can end up agreeable in living next to each other with Muslims and comprehend the idea of the religion for a symphonious network. 

The executive likewise offered thanks to the Honorary Sultan of Cebu, active Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña, whom, he stated, indicated such a great amount of help to the Muslim people group. 

He said Osmeña has not just enabled the Muslims to flourish in Cebu City, he has opened open doors for the Muslim people group to build up organizations. 

Osmeña, as far as it matters for him, said he will keep on supporting the Muslim people group even after he is never again civic chairman of the city. 

In a discourse after the Eid al-Fitr petitions of the Muslim people group of Cebu at the Plaza Independencia on Wednesday, Osmeña guaranteed to the Muslim people group his unending help. 

"Hinaot dad unta, bisan dad mobalik sa pribado, andam kong motabang sa mga problema. (Ideally, regardless of whether I return to my private life, I will be anxious to help tackle any issues)," Osmeña told the Muslim people group. 

For the Eid'l Fitr festivity, Manonggiring said that it was a by and large tranquil and cheerful festival in Cebu. 

He said he will go Davao on Thursday, June 6, since President Rodrigo Duterte will have his very own Eid'l Fitr festivity for the NCMF and the Muslims in Mindanao.

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