Python`s massage

Python`s massage, Yuli
Python`s massage

Do you know the place, where you can relax and observe animals at the same time?

There is a zoo in Cebu, which offers deep massage for every visitor. So the place is not just place of interest, it is a spa-center as well.

         The owners of zoo want their place to be an interactive one, where people can touch their favorite animal and get unforgettable experience. It is a new conception to make sure visitors aren`t afraid of creatures, they see.

         There are 4 snakes: Walter, JJ, Daniel and Michel. Each of them has “personal assistant”, who controls them during the massage.

         The procedure is following: the person lies on the on a bamboo bed, then a dozen of workers put 4 pythons (it`s around 250 kg in general) on him/her. Each python is fed (this snake eats 10 hens at once) before massage for the visitor`s safety.

         Every visitor is instructed before this activity. The snakes do not like stream of air, directed towards them. And the visitors shouldn`t speak, as the snakes can hear the vibration and think the person to be predator or victim, depending on situation.

         All in all, Python`s massage is not a thing for faints of heart. But you will not forget it for sure

Python`s massage extreme
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