Colorful Jelly's Haven Resort In Bantayan

When you see a rainbow, how can it make you feel? The principal word that strikes a chord is likely – feeling glad. That is correct! Those lovely rainbow hues make you feel light and simply wired, I realize you hear what I'm saying. We as a whole love seeing rainbows after a downpour shower. It's so lovely up in the sky.

What's more, here we have a shoreline resort in Bantayan, that will give you that equivalent feeling – Jelly's Haven Resort. We've expounded on a few retreats in Bantayan and this hotel, specifically, emerges from the rest – in light of the fact that I feel like they're finished with regards to comforts.

The hotel radiates that Moroccan-Boho vibes with every one of the hues and styles – brilliant umbrellas and adorable teepees. They nearly got everything – legitimate and roomy rooms, great sustenance, alcohol, nightlife, a rec center, and the sweet perspective on the white sandy shoreline and clear blue waters of Bantayan. 


Spot on, it's a decent spot to remain for advanced wanderers and different specialists such as myself – shoreline and wifi, that is all we need. Taking a gander at their photographs makes me kilig and have heart eyes! I'm certain you all get that as well! Also you can get a decent work out in their exercise center even while out of town. Well not by any means for me, I'm as of now carrying on with an excursion sort of life.

Jam's Haven Resort has facilities that will take into account couples and much bigger gatherings. By and by, I'd proceed to rest in one of their tents – after the fun night I realize I'd have for shizzle. You can demand to have a unique supper set up for your huge gathering or astonishment your better half with a sentimental light lit supper by the ocean.

For me, I'll drink and move the night away. Ahhh! You can never turn out badly with alcohol, the shoreline, and great music with your loved ones! I surmise a few people who go to Bantayan, go to their resto-bar during the evening just to party. Which is extraordinary – more individuals implies progressively fun! Contact to Jelly's Haven Resort

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