Chocolate Hills in Bohol island. Unique place for tourists.

Chocolate Hills
Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills

 What is your first association with this word? Hills, which are planted with cocoa trees and different varieties of chocolate? Not really.
Chocolate Hills are a perfect choice for lovers of amazing natural landscapes, with the desire to enjoy unusual views of the hills and take photo of them.

Chocolate Hills are a tourist place of interest in Bohol. They are depicted on the flag and the emblem of the province, symbolizing the abundance of natural attractions in it.
The hills are called chocolate for their brown-chocolate coloring in the spring, as well as for their unusual shape, thanks to which they resemble a giant sized truffle.

    Chocolate Hills were nominated in the ranking of the seven wonders of the world. This miracle includes from 1260 to 1776 beautiful conical hills, in the form of haystacks, with a height of 40-120 meters.
    Until now, the exact origin of this natural monument is unknown. According to one version, the elevations are remnants of volcanic activity, covered with chalky bark. To the other one-hills formed as a result of the rise of coral deposits because of water and weathering of the soil.

A more romantic version says that the stones are the tears of the giant Aogo. Strong and fearless Aroi fell in love with a simple mortal girl Aloya. After the death of the girl, the giant suffered a lot and cried for a long time, and the tears that fell on the ground turned into hills.
“Chocolate Hills Complex" is the main observation deck, it is also the oldest one (located55 km from Tagbilaran and 5 km from Carmen). There is another deck-“Sagbayan Peak” near the town of Sagbayan. It is much further from the major cities of the island. But, it is less promoted, therefore there are much fewer tourists there.

Bohol Chocolate Hills interesting place
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