Adventure in Camotes Islands, Cebu

Adventure in Camotes Islands, Cebu

The Camotes Islands is an island bunch that is situated in the Camotes Sea, East of Cebu Island, southwest of Leyte and north of Bohol. It is some of the time called as the "Lost Horizon of the South". This gathering of Islands is a piece of the Cebu Province. It is made out of three noteworthy islands; the Poro, Pacijan, and Ponson and one noteworthy islet, the Tulang Diot. 


The islands of Camotes are low-lying that has a few slopes that are utilized for broadcast communications transfer station. The most astounding point in the island is the Altavista which is 1,273 ft. above ocean level and it is situated in the island of Poro. 

Adventure in Camotes Islands, Cebu, photo-2,
Adventure in Camotes Islands, Cebu, photo-3,

The common ventures in the Islands are cultivating, angling, and the travel industry. As of late, the level of the travel industry in the islands heightened because of the improvement of the hotels and other places of interest that can be found in the island. The Presidential Proclamation 2152 of 1981 announced the islands of Poro, Ponson, and Pacijan as "Mangrove Swamp Forest Reserves".

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