Recognition of the outstanding entrepreneurs

In acknowledgment of the exceptional business visionaries with significant commitment to the development and financial improvement of Cebu, the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) every year holds the Grand Chamber Awards (GCA) and Fellowship Night that fills in as a coming full circle action of the month-long festival of the Cebu Business Month in June. 

The GCA and Fellowship Night yearly perceives praiseworthy Cebuano people, business people, and families who have contributed great execution in their fields of business and connected moral practices that mirror the perfect case of a Cebuano business person. 

This year, the GCA and Fellowship Night will be hung on June 30 at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu. 

There will be five (5) grants in question – Entrepreneur of the Year, Socially Responsible Entrepreneur, Small Business Entrepreneur, Countryside Entrepreneur, and Young Entrepreneur. 

Chosen people for every class must have the accompanying capabilities: 

• Entrepreneur of the Year – This honor perceives essential commitments of pioneers and impetuses of progress that manufactured and continued incredible organizations for in any event ten (10) years in activity as of December 2018. The business in this class fills in as a demonstration of the huge commitment to Cebu's energetic economy. 

• Socially Responsible Entrepreneur – This honor perceives a business person, that beside working together, make business receptive to the requirements of the general public, where supportability is inserted into the center of business tasks to make a mutual incentive for business and the network. The organization must be in the business for at any rate five (5) years. 

• Small Business Entrepreneur – This honor perceives an independent venture with a gross deals which does not surpass to 60M in a year and has exhibited remarkable achievements. The organization probably been in task for in any event three (3) years as of December 2018. 

• Countryside Entrepreneur – This honor perceives a business person, working together outside Metro Cebu (towns past Minglanilla in the south and Consolacion in the north), who has shown exceptional achievements in his/her very own field of business development in the zone where his business is found. The organization probably been in task for in any event five (5) years as of December 2018. 

• Young Entrepreneur – This honor perceives a business person, under 40 years of age, who has shown extraordinary keenness and remarkable achievements in his field of business. The organization probably been in activity for in any event five (5) years as of December 2018. 

Candidates must be the proprietor of chief of a private or an openly recorded organization who is principally in charge of the past and ongoing execution of an organization. The person in question must be a functioning individual from top administration for an organization that has been in task for at any rate five (5) years. 

Above all, the chosen one must have a respectability in the zone of business rivalry, rehearsed corporate social obligation, exhibited initiative, persistence even with difficulty and, ultimately, displayed excellent reputation dependent on the organization/business' present money related execution. 

Selections are available to CCCI individuals and nonmembers. Self-selection is supported. Due date for accommodation of selections will be on May 20, 2019. 

For further request, you can call the Chamber and search for Ms. May Ybanez or Ms. Satisfaction Segismar.

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