Monastery of the Holy Eucharist (Simala Church). Holy place in Cebu

Monastery of the Holy Eucharist (Simala Church)

Monastery of the Holy Eucharist (Simala Church)

 We drive 5KR to the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist (Simala Church), drive past the largest shoe in the world at a shoe factory in the city of Karkar, but instead of turning right and wagging along a mountain road, you can drive along to the coast.
Simala Church

Statue of the Virgin Mary

 On the Internet and print publications about the Simala Church, information is extremely stingy. There are many versions and legends about this holy place. A few years ago, a statue of the Virgin Mary stood in a small chapel. After the fire, which burned the church to the ground, the statue remained intact. The monks of the local Catholic church decided to build their monastery on this particular place.
Simala Church Cebu

Virgin Mary suddenly began to cry with bloody tears

 However, this place received the most popularity in the Philippines only when the statue of the Virgin Mary suddenly began to cry with bloody tears. The phenomenon is still unexplained by neither the scientists nor the representatives of the Vatican, who specifically came here to check the authenticity of the events. Every day hundreds of pilgrims come to the monastery, so that, having stood in line under the scorching sun, to lean against the glass, behind which stands the statue of the Virgin Mary, for to pray and thank for the miracle.
Simala Church in Cebu
 The back wall of the monastery have many numerous letters from grateful parishioners with thanks, and there is also a place with crutches and wheelchairs left there by miraculously cured hopeless patients.
Simala Church holy place
 Those interested can write their desire on a piece of paper, and send to a special mailbox for the Virgin Mary. You can also put one of the multi-colored candles. Candle color is determined by various types of wishes. You can make a wish by throwing a coin into the well. Desire will be fulfilled only when the coin, hitting the bell, falls into a small well.

Beautiful beach of the small town of Argao

Visiting the monastery of Simala, you can drive to the beautiful beach of the small town of Argao, which is ten minutes from the monastery. The cleanest sea and magnificent landscape will reward you for a long trip.

beautiful beach of the small town of Argao beautiful beach of the small town of Argao
Simala Church holy place in Cebu statue of the Virgin Mary Monastery of the Holy Eucharist
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