Hinagdanan Beach Resort or better known as Kilometer 47. Katmon beaches.

Hinagdanan Beach Resort

Hinagdanan Beach, or better known as Kilometer 47, is located near to Brgi. Binungculan, in the municipality of Katmon, Cebu. The beach is an ideal choice for family walks or to visit with friends who want to have a fun without spending a lot of money.

We searched Katmon beaches and found this interesting beach with strangely named KM-47. Most likely this name is due to the fact that this area is located exactly 47 kilometers from the Cebu City. Everything is simple enough.
Hinagdanan Beach Resort
Hinagdanan Beach Resort
To get to the beach you need to go to the North Bus Station right in front of SM City Cebu to catch the bus to Catmont. You will have to spend 40 pesos per person for one trip. You will know that you are near this place when you see impressive coastal cliffs hanging down on the surface of the water.

There is an astonishing fact that you need to know about this great place. This beach was open to Cebu residents and tourists in 1957. Before this moment The Hinagdanan Beach has been closed. For years ago, the family who owned this roadside home slowly repair the stairs until the road and the inviting beach connected. Here, beach visitors will have to go down steep stairs dotted with small cottages and bungalows hidden in the mountain.

This beach was secluded and rustic, or, as we call it, “inato”. And yet do not expect it to be had at the level of Mactan or Cebu beaches. However, this adds a picturesque beauty to this place, since the coastline of the beach gives it uniqueness and appeal. Its accessibility is what we would like from any beach we would like to visit: the popular, conveniently located but well-hidden Hinagdan Beach provides direct access to nature and not a considerable distance from the stress-filled metropolis Cebu City.

Kilometer 47

sHinagdanan Beach is better known as a beach for a large amount of people, although when you'll be there, you will see that a large amount will not fit there. Do not in any way put it on negative advice, but this beach has less space than most ordinary beaches. It is clear that the natural shape of the rock does not have a large area. The beach is quite secluded from the public roadside view. This is a fascinating for those who want privacy.
Kilometer 47
Katmon beaches
There is also only one a natural cove at the bottom of the cliff to your right when you go down. It usually turns into a dressing room, or space for a couple wanting a bit more privacy. To the right is another beach hotel, the name of which we unfortunately do not remember.
Katmon beaches

(+) Rocks and rock formations provide a unique beach setting that is hard to forget. Reasonable cottage charge. Steep stairs provide excellent training.

(-) If you are observant enough, you can see plastic trash on the tops of the rocks, making swimming difficult. Do not worry, it seems that he does not fall and does not encroach on water. A small area of the beach means that it can be quite crowded here too.

Hinagdanan Beach Katmon beaches Kilometer 47 beaches Cebu Hinagdanan Beach Resort
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