AFP cautions about renegades coercing assets from competitors

General Noel Clement, the officer of the AFP-CentCom, Rani
General Noel Clement, the officer of the AFP-CentCom

Dissident gatherings will accept the open door to coerce assets from the discretionary applicants amid the decision time frame, as per the Armed Forces of the Philippines Central Command (AFP-CentCom). 

Real General Noel Clement, the officer of the AFP-CentCom, said a few applicants from specific regions in the nation have answered to the AFP about getting letters from the New People's Army (NPA) requesting reserves. 

In these letters, the NPA purportedly said that the applicants can possibly crusade in their zones on the off chance that they pay up. 

"We comprehend that they (hopefuls) need to battle and the radicals will utilize this chance to blackmail cash from them," said Clement. 

Forgiving said that if hopefuls get these sorts of letters, they should report it quickly to the AFP and abstain from yielding to the requests of the radicals.

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