The discussion on the hazard reduction plan (HRP) for ground zero of the landslide in Tinaan, Naga City.

In spite of the intrigue of Apo Cement Corporation (Apocemco) representatives, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Central Visayas (DENR – 7) stood firm on its choice to suspend the organization's' quarry tasks. 

DENR – 7 Regional Director Gilbert Gonzales said that while he comprehended the workers' feelings of dread of losing their positions if quarry activities don't come back to ordinary, there are wellbeing factors that should have been considered. 

Last Wednesday, around 200 workers of Apocemco organized a dissent before the DENR – 7 provincial office in Sitio Sudlon, Barangay Lahug, Cebu City approaching the office to lift its suspension arrange against the organization. 

The laborers asked DENR to permit the resumption of the organization's activities to keep the brief cutback of up to 30 percent of their representatives which will produce results on December 13. 

"We can't simply bring back the inhabitants and permit activity except if we have dispensed with the risk," said Gonzales alluding to the threats left by the executioner avalanche in Barangay Tinaan, Naga City which murdered 78 individuals and covered several homes last September. 

"We will simply be sitting tight for the last report of MGB (Mines and Geosciences Bureau)," he said. 

Danger Reduction Plan 

At the avalanche hit region of Sitio Sindulan in Barangay Tinaan, Apo Land and Quarry Corp. (ALQC), the firm that works the vast majority of the quarry destinations in Naga City, was given the green light by DENR to continue with the execution of its danger decrease plan (HRP). 

On Thursday, Nov. 29, a Holy Mass pursued by the arrival of ten pigeons denoted the beginning of the HRP usage. 

The venture incorporates the development of the Sindulan Safety Wall, the clearing of Pangdan River way, and the development of a waste framework from Sitio Tagaytay to Sindulan Creek. 

The three activities, adding up to about P47 million, will take something like 177 working days to finish. 

The Sindulan Safety Wall, a 180 by 10 meter obstruction, will be worked to shield whatever is left of Sitio Sindulan from conceivable peril originating from the avalanche flotsam and jetsam. 

Before the genuine development can continue, ALQC should pull around 300,000 metric huge amounts of garbage from the avalanche region as a feature of ground arrangement. 

This stage will last 33 working days or around about a month and a half. 

The development of the divider, including fundamental unearthings for its establishments will take another 65 working days or if nothing else 11 weeks. 

In view of the course of events displayed by Apocemco Plant Director Gery Rota, improvements for the security divider will start toward the beginning of December and will be finished before the finish of March 2019. 

The clearing of the Pangdan waterway way, obstructed by the flotsam and jetsam and stones, will begin by mid-January 2019 and is required to be finished inside 4 months. 

Rota said they will likewise take a shot at settling the slants encompassing the waterway to keep another avalanche. 

Rota said the waste framework which will be assembled will give a way to the water that may gather at the pinnacle of the crumbled mountain with the goal that the rest of the dirt in the region won't be diverted by the water to low-lying zones. 

The seepage framework task will start continuously seven day stretch of May and is relied upon to be finished in July. 

In spite of the DENR notice to continue with the HRP usage, ALQC is banished from providing the pulled flotsam and jetsam to its sister organization, Apocemco, as element for bond creation. 

The pulled flotsam and jetsam will be put away in a region close to the concrete plant. 

Blanche Empleo, barangay secretary of Tinaan who went to the HRP exchanges addressed for what reason would the garbage be put away when it tends to be prepared to keep laborers of Apocemco from being totally laid off. 

MGB Mines Management Division Chief Raul Laput anyway said it isn't the privilege of the local office to permit Apocemco to process the material since it was their focal office who issued the notice to continue with the danger decrease plan and set the conditions. 

Chito Maniago, Communications Director of Cemex Holdings Philippines, said they were proceeding with talks with DENR authorities in plans to continue tasks or process the pulled materials from ground zero.

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