Map Cebu: search of places by name or address

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Cebu Map - a search and information mapping service. It implemented the ability to search for items, get detailed directions. It is always up to date information about traffic jams on the streets and highways.
Website cares about making travel around the city as comfortable as possible for the residents and guests. In the upper right corner is the "Jam" button. By clicking on it, users can get all the information about the state of traffic and events on the current time, as well as learn the forecast for the next few hours or even days.
Cebu map with streets, houses and other objects available in several embodiments: as a circuit, satellite images and the people's cards. Especially the last one that it "create" Internet users themselves. More precisely, they refer to objects that may be of interest to other users.
On the page there is a line to search for the desired object. For example, specifying a street name, you will get a picture of her in the scheme, as well as a list of businesses, shops and attractions and organizations that are on it.
Right on the page is Categories of goods and services, which are marked on the diagram. Clicking on one of the categories, you will get a list of companies and Cebu city scheme to anything you'd buildings.
For guests who just arrived in Cebu and want to visit memorable places to see the sights on the map marked with the most interesting places for tourists. Museums, monuments, ancient legendary streets, parks and much more you can find in using our service. All Cebu City is presented here in detail. We do everything to ensure that your business trip or journey was comfortable, and you get a lot of pleasure from visiting our city.