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How to spend a weekend, where to go in the evening - a question that is relevant to many people. Usually they go to a cafe or restaurant, to sit the family, with friends, try new foods, have fun. For recreation and leisure are good cinemas in Cebu, on the screens where you can watch an interesting feature or an animated film.

The site of the city is represented by a movie poster, which provides information about all movie films, walking in urban cinemas. In order not to miss an interesting movie you need to subscribe to the portal of the city and follow the announcements, thanks to letters, regularly coming in the mail.

That offer theater audiences
In cinemas citizens can see:

new films;
animated film.
Good movie like all people, but everyone prefers one of the genres. So on urban movie screens, viewers can watch an exciting detective story, a romantic drama, comedy, thriller, horror. After watching the tape, you can go to a cozy cafe, where a cup of coffee to discuss with friends the story of the film, its characters, the director's idea.

In Cebu live true connoisseurs of art, which supports a full house at the theater during the premiere of the play. In the city of five theaters and several drama schools, which are also prepared performances for the audience.

In Cebu held many exhibitions of various themes, in which the organizers invite everyone to take part as an author or visitor. Visitors can get acquainted with the works of artists, photographers, potters, masters of handicraft, wood carving, coinage.

Presentations of contemporary visual artists have the opportunity to meet with the author of the picture, get an autograph, purchase your favorite work. Art studio, also take part in exhibition events, their leaders invite citizens to master classes, try your hand at painting or pottery.

Master class on pottery or fine art - a good gift idea for my birthday. Birthday boy may suddenly discover themselves and others in the talent of the artist, or just have a good time, learn new information.

In Cebu often hosts exhibitions of dogs and cats, in which citizens can become familiar with the breeds of animals, watch the qualifying competitions and the work of the jury.

In the city you can always find an interesting event, for example, go to a museum. Museums in Cebu is really a lot, and in each of them offers visitors informative exposure, information about which can be prepared from the guides who know and love their job.