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Among the fast food of modern urban kitchen has traditional pies, pasties, burgers, shawarma, relatively newfangled croissants, but a special place in the heart of every lover takes a bite of pizza. Nowadays it is well-known Italian dish become a part of the menu of most catering establishments. Pizza in Cebu offer such a wide choice of pizza, that the choice of dishes will have to spend considerable time. Where you will be able to enjoy a variety of dishes:

Margarita: Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, arugula.
Tuscany: chicken and / or pork ham, cheese, tomato sauce, oregano.
Fungi: mushrooms, sausage, mozzarella, cream sauce.
Kaprichchoza: mushrooms, cheese, artichokes, tomato sauce.
Salami: salami, mushrooms, tomato, olives and etc.
In the menu, the pizzeria pizza number of items may exceed the two - or three dozen, and this is just classic versions. Taking into account the additions to the usual burrito, they are, depending on the imagination pizzaiolo can be up to fifty. More than 30 establishments in the city, from restaurants of national cuisine, to the cafe, where the pizza is the main course, offer not only the finished version of the most common varieties, but also provide an opportunity to add components to your liking. Additionally you can add a serving of olives, mushrooms, cheese and other toppings.

Pizza home delivery
Most pizzerias have the opportunity to deliver food to the client at a specified address. you can order a pizza at the workplace or at home by visiting the website or by calling the phone. In the course of the order for drinks or snacks and additional call costs, and the estimated delivery time. Typically, when you purchase a certain amount, the institution delivers the order to the client free of charge. Loyal customers expect discounts and promotions.