Pubs in Cebu

The pub is a place where alcoholic beverages are sold and you can spend a wonderful evening with friends. History tells us that in such places residents gathered to socialize and discuss important matters. At first they were very popular in England and Ireland, but now they are in demand all over Europe. Pubs in Cebu like the locals.

What is the pub?
It's a small room, where only a few tables, but a cool bar (the pride of these institutions). The pubs offer a wide selection of alcoholic beverages. But this fantastic here attracts beer and cozy atmosphere. All organizations have certain laws:

not to sell alcohol to 18 years;
do not open the restaurant before 11:00;
do not sell alcohol after 23.
Each pub has regular customers, they like to watch a football match on the big screen, chat with friends about life, just a pleasure to spend an evening. Menu establishments in these small, mostly beer snacks, but some pubs offer set meals. Beer here - exclusive: ale, lager, wheat.

El - kind of beer, which is brewed with barley malt with yeast. It has an intense fruity taste. Ales: light (low-alcohol 3-5%), light, golden, dim, barley. The main feature - the temperature of fermentation and the use of a special ferment. El is not filtered, it is bottled, add sugar, and it wanders again. There are the following types:

bitter (bitter) - with bitterness, it has a specific hop flavor;
Porter - a dark beer with a hint of wine, a fortress 4.5-9.5%;
stout - the darkest version, brewed mainly in England.
Lager beer is the most common in the world. It has a mild and rich taste. Lager perfectly with meat, seafood. Gather your friends, book a table. Spend a cool evening, remember the good moments. Become a regular customer of the pub, and you will always be taken at home.