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Celebrate a birthday, to sit with friends, spend time inviting cafes and bars in Cebu. In many institutions operate discount programs to attract repeat visitors. For birthdays often a system of discounts, which allows to celebrate with savings for the budget.

Addresses of places where you can rest well represented on the city website. Next to each post on the site, users have their own ratings and comments, which indicate positive and negative aspects in the work of the institution. If you wish to book a table in the place you like, just contact the manager, who will issue a reserve, will answer all customer questions.

Variety of restaurants and bars
In Cebu has a cozy café with a traditional menu, which presents the usual dishes for visitors. In these cafeterias can be ordered kebabs, meats, salads, meat dishes. a variety of alcoholic and soft drinks, juices, teas, desserts are also shown in the menu. Go to a place nice evening or afternoon at the business lunch.

Also, the city has interesting café, with an original interior design, usually about a specific topic, as it can be:

art cafe;
tavern cuisine;
Internet cafe.
And a lot of unusual and interesting places, where usually going public, united by common interests. So artkafe often among the patrons can see the representatives of creative professions - artists, musicians, writers, poets. People come not just to eat but to socialize, learn something new, to share information.

Bars are also different. Since gaining increasing popularity phyto-bar, where in addition to traditional drinks, the attention of customers can be represented by the original author's cocktail recipes, made on the basis of medicinal herbs. crafting new varieties of beer can be enjoyed in the pubs, from traditional recipes. In karaoke bar can showcase their vocal abilities, spend Song Battle, but at the same time to drink a delicious cocktail.

the client can rent the entire room for the whole evening if necessary. Usually cafe rent required for such celebrations as wedding, birthday, anniversary.

Residents of the city, to the question - where to go always know the answer, everyone has their favorite coffee shop close to home or work. The baby can have a good time in the children's cafe, which shows not only desserts, but also hot dishes with unusual design that will attract the baby, give him a lot of pleasure.

Visitors can always find in Cebu are cozy and cheap cafes where you can eat and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of warmth and comfort.