Makeup services in Cebu

Significant events in life require training, participating in important events, I want to look their best. These events include weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations. To make a quality makeup in Cebu can be in beauty salons and makeup studios that work for many years and have proven themselves with the best hand because of their masters.

Casual makeup, too, need to be able to competently do. Professionals in beauty salons will pick up the most successful way for each to approach them to the client. They will also give advice on the use of cosmetics and makeup.

Services of beauty and make-up studios
In beauty salons experienced makeup artists can make to clients the following makeup:

smokey eyes;
Business make-up involves the use of two kinds of shadows and subdued tones of lipstick, its purpose - to emphasize strengths, but do it subtly, almost imperceptibly. In this make-up should not be present bright colors, the amount of cosmetics is limited.

In the evening the form of an arrangement of flowers is very different from the business version. Much attention is paid to the basis, before applying the makeup you need to prepare a person. First apply foundation, which powder oneself, to give a matte finish. Further preferred cool colors of shadows, and the emphasis is on the lips.

Wedding image is created by a delicate, but this does not exclude the use of bright colors. Makeup is thought out in conjunction with the hairstyle of the bride, her wedding dress and accessories.

Smokey eyes - one of the new directions in the design of the image of the modern woman. It is paying attention to makeup eyes, correct elaboration of the shooter and the selection of shades.

For the ladies middle-aged and older the best solution is lifting, technique which allows to hide age changes significantly rejuvenate the face.

Any make-up should be done in conjunction with hair and eyebrows correction. It is better to entrust all the action a specialist than a long time to try on their own to achieve a positive result.

In everyday life, when women do not have time to do make-up, you can use the services of a beauty salon, offering to clients their permanent makeup. He is of two types: manual and hardware and is to introduce into the upper layers of the skin a special color pigment. Thus, it is possible to put the arrows highlight the contour of the lips, etc. The purpose of permanent make-up -. Imitation of the usual make-up.

Whatever kind of makeup do not choose a woman, the best decoration of her face will smile and good mood. If to this we add another set of professional make-up made by the master, the effect will be stunning.