The first Tabletop Roleplaying Games Convention in Cebu. Enjoy a day filled with adventure and derring-do and explore a brave new world. #reccon2019

In partnership with Ayala Malls Central Bloc, RPG Cebu Proudly Presents: RECCon 2019


We encourage everyone to come in your most fantasy-inspired outfits! Participants will be pre-judged during the convention by the RECCON committee, and the best costumed adventurers will receive cash or prize items!

The winners will receive a free, full body commission of their characters (courtesy of our talented and generous gnome artists), and other exciting prizes!

General Rules:

Participants under the age of 18 need a parent or legal guardian present during the convention to sign a waiver in order for that contestant to compete in the contest.

RECCON 2019 adheres to the "PG‐13 rule" when it comes to language, hand gestures, props, and overall costume design during the convention. Prop weapons are acceptable, as long as it is not made of metal or pure wood. It is of utmost importance that these prop weapons do not look like exact replicas of actual weapons, and must be distinctly prop-looking at first glance. While we acknowledge you are all smiths and forgers of mythical caliber, we have to make sure mall security won't look at us with suspicion. No violent actions are permitted, and projectiles thrown in the venue are strictly forbidden. Violation of this rule may cause you to be removed from the convention premises. All costumes must cover "swimsuit areas." Although we applaud flaunting your assets, no nudity in the contest please, and this extends to body paints as well.

The contest is open to RPG-type characters only. No anime characters are allowed. While mash-up characters and publsihed characters from Star Wars are acceptable, we place great emphasis on your OCs (Original Characters) above all else.

Participants will be given additional instructions once registered at the event. There will be no fashion walks on stage to give way for the actual games that will be happening on that day. However, feel free to make the rest of the venue your catwalk and strut your stuff while participating in the different events.

An awarding ceremony will take place at a time specified on the day of the event. Participants can ask questions from any RECCON staff nearby.

Goblin Raffle Draw

Thanks to our various Dragon sponsors, RECCON 2019 will also hold a raffle draw during the event! This is your chance to win rare and hard to find D&D or other RPG items!

RECCON 2019 is a FREE entry event, so we warmly welcome you to the RPG COMMUNITY and hope you have the best time!