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==Major Categories==

Best Customized Motorcycle
(Big Bike)

Motorshow Over All (Top-5)

Minor Awards:
Best in Paint
Best in Airbrush
Best in Sounds
Best in Lights
Best in Display
Best in Decals
Best in Pipe
Best in Rims
Best in Mags
Best in Chrome
Best in Engine Setup
Best in Accessories

Special Awards:
Best Thailand Setup
Best Stance
Best Cafe Racer
Best Vintage
Best DragBike
Best Daily Driven
Best Light Weight250-400cc Motorcycle
Best Middle Weight 600cc Motorcycle
Best Big-Bike
Best Trail/Enduro Bike
Best Adventure/Touring Bike
Best Cruiser Bike
Best People’s Choice Award
Best Detailed Bike
Best Concept Bike
Best 2Stroke Bike

Best in Yamaha
(Big Bike)

Best in Honda
(Big Bike)

Best in Suzuki
(Big Bike)

Best In Kawasaki
(Big Bike)

Best In KTM
Best in Other Brand
Best Cebu 600 Motorcycle

==Other Programs==
1. Slow Drag Competition
2. Loudest Pipe
3. Lady Rider Competition
4. Moto-Gay Competition
5. Sponsors Choice Award
6. Parlor Games

Prizes & Raffle draws
- Products of the Sponsors
- Cash
- Gift Certificate of the Sponsors

For registration & other details
Please contact:

you may also visit Motul Concept Store

Registration: P1,000
Inclusions: Full Sub Tshirts & Meal