An International Guitar Festival entitled Kinablit (plucking) referring to the traditional way of guitar playing among
Filipinos which used to be more prevalent among the Visayan speaking regions of the Philippines especially during the
early part of the 20th century. The festival aims to correlate the different plucking traditions that can be found in various
countries where the guitar developed according to the customs of the populace: Flamenco guitar in Spain, Bossa Nova in
Brazil, Fingerstyle and Chord melody in the United States of America just to name a few and our very own Kinablit in the
Philippines. While flamenco, Bossa nova, chord melody and fingerstyle have continuously evolved in to high levels of
sophistication in terms of playing technique and abundance of new material, Kinablit is sadly on the verge of extinction
and has been relegated to the most marginalized sectors of our cultural heritage. For an art form to survive, it must
continuously adapt and be ready to embrace new sensibilities that can contribute to its growth and evolution. We are
hoping that through this festival we can encourage a new generation of composers and guitarists to compose and
perform more fresh materials for the Philippine guitar that is akin to our identity as a nation and at the same time
celebrate our past which is very rich in musical tradition. With this in mind, we also hope to come up with an exhibit of
pre and post war Filipino guitarists who were personalities themselves when radio ruled the airwaves. They served as
inspiration to a whole generation of Filipino guitarists who are now considered as masters in their own right.