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In our category "Industry in Cebu» is a list of organizations from different fields, whose activities are actively represented in the city. There are shops power, and metal, and the agrarian sphere, and distilleries, and dairies and bakery plants, and electronics and machinery, and meat-packing plants, and farms, and much, much more. In our time it is actively developing business, bringing not only a financial benefit to the owner, but also a lot of good consumer population.

Industry originated as a collection of crafts - factories, plants and other forms of enterprises, focused on the manufacture of tools, which, as might be used in the national economy, and could be applied to the industry itself. Now it is on the level of its development is accepted to estimate the aggregate level of welfare states. Thus, it is clear that the economy is based on industry.

The most important industries
The average person does not think about how many hands held various raw materials before getting into our homes in the form of irons, microwaves, sofas, refrigerators, showers and so on. We forget that about 80% of the world around us exist thanks to the constant work of the enterprises. They are based not always on the production, in the form in which we are accustomed to think, but the most valuable to us, of course, productive work.

According to the main feature industry is divided into two groups: mining and manufacturing. In turn, for the layman among all sectors are the most significant:

metal processing;
pulp and paper;
medical equipment;
Recently sectional increase production rates globally located ecology and environmental protection at the forefront of the medium. This is due to the fact that in most cases the enterprise, manufacturing socially useful products in parallel pollute nature: emit harmful waste into the air, drained waste water into rivers and lakes. Keep it at an early stage is difficult enough, but when later clog the entire area, the sometimes senseless - the contaminated soil and water bodies will require too many resources to recover.

However, we must remember that the nature of art is to maintain a reasonable balance between all of what is happening in it. And if on the clogged areas, for example, do not grow vegetables and build warehouses, the soil itself is gradually coming back to normal. It is a global system that is capable of self-regulation and not a single enterprise on a global scale can not compete with it.

Current industry needs to learn to use more progressive equipment that is not bearing harm to the environment. Only in this way the word of the industry will return to its original meaning, derived from the word "fishing" in the sense of "the ability to do the right thing."