Parking lots, garages in Cebu

Infrastructure - the undoubted merit of the city. On its improvement is constantly working, because the number of cars is increasing every year, and the need for organized parking lots increases.

Available parking in Cebu built taking into account people's needs and norms of the legislation. Visitors can put the car on the protected area, and for the citizens provided long-term car parks, which are located in close proximity to residential buildings, and which can be used for a long time, without worrying about the safety of your vehicle.

types of parking
There are several types of parking lots:

open ground;
ground closed;
multilevel parking.
Ground open areas are often fenced area with several exits. Internals limited only marking. This is the easiest and most affordable way to organize idle machines. Of its advantages can allocate costs on a small organization - it does not require large investments, and low cost to car owners. Disadvantages include inefficient use of urban territory.

Ground closed - different from the previous embodiment in that they set a canopy that protects the car from snow, rain, direct sunlight. Their entrances are equipped with security systems, gates. The advantages of this type of sites in their relative safety. Disadvantages are the same as that of the public option - a limited number of seats in connection with the use of maloratsionalnym area.

Multilevel parking - a successful solution to provide the residents of nearby houses a sufficient number of parking places located in several tiers. This structure makes it possible to place on a limited area of ​​a large number of machines, sometimes their number amounts to several thousand. In a multilevel parking increase the number of seats is possible when the freight elevators, ensuring the delivery of cars to the place of parking. Thanks to the lifting equipment can increase the number of parking floors.

The advantages of multi-level car parks is their close proximity to the place of residence of car owners. Building parking can be built separately from residential buildings, and may be an extension. In some cases, they erected over the highway, which allows efficient use of the city area.

If the motorist has the opportunity to purchase or build a garage - it will be the best way to store vehicles. For the safety of the machine is necessary to provide reliable protection of the garage.

Of all the types of sites most comfortable car parking is superior to its only private garage, subject to its full protection and the availability of convenient approach.