Car washing in Cebu

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What the owner of the vehicle did not use the car service? It is even hard to imagine. Wash the vehicle in a specially equipped place - it is not only quickly and accurately, but also a pleasure. Car washes, avtohimchistki, avtodeteyling in Cebu represented by a set of the respective service and maintenance firms. The cost of the service depends on the size of the vehicle and the number of ordered services. And what they are, we shall understand further.

That will be offered at the car wash?
The range of services carwash services is huge. And with the advent of modern chemicals, and treatments of the body of the machine and its interior is very widely represented. The most common service car wash:

washing paintwork and windows;
Interior cleaning (wet and with a vacuum cleaner);
polishing the headlights and body;
washing motor;
cleaning the trunk;
dry cleaning of interior and upholstery;
Exterior protective coating means;
Shoe leather seats and other elements.
Service avtodeteylinga appeared relatively recently on the market. This is a complete car care with the greatest possible return of its parts in its original state with the use of modern tools and instruments. This is a professional deep cleaning of the whole machine. it is often bought before the sale. But by ordering this service, you can not only improve the look of life and continue the auto parts and mechanisms, but also facilitate the further care of him.

Recently, a special popularity began to use self-service car wash. Where to pay a certain amount, you can manually wash the vehicle using special equipment and chemistry. Such places will essentially save car owners money. These sinks are non-contact type, when the cleaning of the body carried out by means of special frames that move along the box.