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Every third familiar with the situation when the standard size suits ugly sitting in the figure. For example, tall people have to buy things on the size more, since smaller models short sleeves. Now a lot of open studios in Cebu, are tailored dress right on the figure. Individual approach - this is the main advantage of working with a tailor.

Workshops are building and clothing repair in Cebu. Tailors will give a second life to your favorite dress or jacket repaired. In the list of services to the majority of the workshops listed artistic darning and patches decorating prints and appliqués. Masters not only hide scuffs, but also make new ones: in the studio usual jeans easily become a trendy bow.

The most popular order for tailoring in Cebu - is the wedding dress. In such an important day, a girl wants to look perfect. Workshops are responsible for the quality of the work, so the bride will not only look good but also feel comfortable in a festive toilet.

In the salons of tailoring work with different materials. If you have a fur, it will process and sew a fur coat of the desired style. The list of services includes professional assistance in choosing a model that will emphasize profitable customer figure. Further cleaned and was packed pile on the finished product, or to replace the lining.

In the studio they are engaged not only in cutting suits and outerwear. Masters sew linen, create a lacy linen on request and even poshyut curtains.

How is the creation of dress
Sew kit to order takes 14 days. Terms vary depending on the complexity of the selected or cut material. Not every tissue is suitable for suits. To select a material that will last for a long time and not lose the presentation, it is better to consult with the master.

Steps for Creating a Job:

Removing the yardsticks and discussion of style;
Buying fabric;
Number primerok proportional complexity style. Inside, indicate the average cost for a certain type of work. Exact prices are determined in the process of cutting model. Some fabrics are difficult to process or require special equipment: leather or fur. Decorating with lace and sequins - a painstaking activity that a tailor is done manually, which also affects the cost.

Today, every company in Cebu offers services to create outfits. For more information about the list of possible jobs can be on the company's website.