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Topic "stores, shopping centers and markets in Cebu» absorbed the information on all the most important institutions of the city, where not only you can buy a variety of goods, but also devote time to more interesting activities: entertainment, vacation with children, going to the cinema. At times all of us are really worth to switch your thoughts from work and go on a relaxing shopping.

Standard shopping center includes a set of the following areas:

Area sales of grocery goods;
Area sales of goods for the house;
Zone, which sells clothing and accessories;
exhibition area;
souvenir zone;
tasting zone;
Area restaurants and cafes;
total entertainment zone;
children's area;
area for events;
rest zone.
Working with consumer psychology
Most often, shopping malls take on another mission and entertainment, presenting a fusion of different areas of services and sale of goods. They constantly kept holiday atmosphere and cheerful mood, which contributes to a positive customer experience. Being in such an environment, there is no desire to quickly leave the institution, which means that the rest of the visitor becomes a potential customer of one of the many small shops. Administration is careful to leisure itself is able to provide both children and adults - all of the institution working on it to fix in came a feeling of comfort, leave that really do not want. Thus, all parties involved are genuinely pleased with the outcome of the interaction.

A separate mechanism to attract customers are shares. It's no secret that it is thanks to them that most of people for the first time generally discovers new establishment. There is also often works as old as the world, the rule: first the price is overestimated, and then, in the framework of the action is reduced to the desired level. As a result, the person receives a positive signal from the brain, saying that he is on the right track. And even those people who are aware of such manipulation, it is still perceive it with indulgence and looking for reasons to justify their choice.

Competent marketing campaign will never put on the same level shopping and entertainment center and large market, even with the most elaborate and well-equipped shopping area. There is a very important psychological component buyer thinking: on the one hand, he must feel the utmost comfort, on the other - to feel they belong to something premium, is in the air, and the third - to be quite free in their choice. All this to give him regular store is not able to, but for the shopping center, this task is the key. The illusion of choice here is that the institution will still make a profit, but the visitor will be considered as if he was free to choose where it should be to take the money. In all other activities of such centers is reduced to normal trade, but with a touch of haute couture, which creates the veil of an individual approach, allowing each customer feel special.