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In the rubric of "education in Cebu" collected all the variety located in schools for children and youth. Everyone knows that it is a fundamental education in a person lays the foundations of critical thinking, forms his personality and identity, can form an idea of ​​the whole world and his place in it.

The first school to enter the struggle for the development of the little man. It is here that the foundations of the skills that we will need throughout their lives: by reading, the ability to draw analogies and to set priorities in the comparison. In the broadest sense of education itself it is both a process and a result because it is carried out not only specific skills, but also produced a clear directive on the different types of skills, embodied skills.

It is well known that the Ministry of Education frequently reviewing its policy in terms of what and how should teach the youth of today. Many may not agree with the chosen power of course, but the new century demands new rules in a globalized society is much more sensible to take up the global trends than hold rooted foundations. Of course, distance learning can not fully replace the student's everyday life and provide exactly the same level of knowledge as the full-time training. However, there is always the opportunity to acquire knowledge from other sources - most importantly, to the fact it was the desire of the student. It is always possible to find specialized courses and to get there is the practical skills in the field of interest.

education organization
In our country, there are the following levels:

the average;
special secondary (College);
Higher (one or more profiles);
specialized (retraining and advanced training);
postgraduate and doctoral studies.
Each of these levels has its own length of time, as well as the education plan, mandatory for execution. The training itself also comes in different forms, including combined and can not be standardized even within the same level. The specifics of each industry imposes certain restrictions on the ratio of practice and theory. For example, the school time the most universal - students enough homework to write a diary, and then correctly and in time to fulfill them. At the same time, students of technical apparel and electronic direction will devote time to studying the different theoretical framework. First quickly grasp the basics and can be targeted to increase the current production, while the latter will be a long time to learn complex layouts, and then even go to university for continuing professional education.

No matter how much I wanted to say that in our time the educational sector is developing very progressively, all the same it is possible to find the "white spots". I want to believe that this is due more to the rapid development of technology, which was simply not kept pace with the educational sphere. Each institution and so is looking for ways to bring the educational process to the production, to establish the practice accordingly. We think, is not all lost to it may say pessimists.