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To life in the city ran its course, required a lot of effort and organization of the process. Sometimes it seems that everything can happen by itself, and the various urban services only a waste of the city budget. In fact, everything is absolutely different.

Urban services in Cebu, as the blood vessels in a living body, help to maintain its vital functions. It is difficult to imagine what will happen to the city if after a storm or snowfall nobody will clear the roadways or repair the broken power lines. Without such services, life in the big city into chaos, or simply stop.

Types of urban services in Cebu
For efficient operation and positive results, each of the services performs its functions. So they are:

taxi service;
emergency response;
And so on.
First aid is an essential and indispensable service in the city. It comes in a short time to the challenge and help the patient in a critical situation. Thanks to her, it is possible to save many lives and avoid the serious consequences of the disease rapidly developing. Arriving on the call to the patient, emergency room doctor will do the initial examination, can help relieve the painful condition and, if necessary, recommend hospitalization. It is these doctors take the first blow in the fight against disease, and in the case of the critical state keep it at a level that allows you to drop off the person to the hospital for emergency treatment.

The important role played by the emergency services. For it is consulted in case of accidents on the heating systems, elevators and other facilities. Manager hear the story of the accident, record the coordinates and send emergency teams to solve the problem. On each occasion the service has certain turnaround time. Since the breakout of the pipe, the team will override the riser through which water is supplied in the shortest time, but mending the holes will be engaged during the allotted time.

In educational institutions, enterprises and offices to the attention of people hear the emergency numbers, calling that a person can get emergency care. Among them is a gas and service number. On it is necessary to call in situations when a person feels the smell of gas in the room or in the vicinity of gas pipes. Arriving at the place team, will inspect and repair.