Services, inspections, funds, commissions in Cebu

In every major metropolis, carried out a large number of communications to ensure a comfortable life of citizens. All sorts of services, inspections, funds, commissions in Cebu needed for the construction, establishment of operation and maintenance of these communications.

The site of the city presented the address and contact details for Cebu public services, which are reserved hours for the reception of citizens. Also call services listed on the website, citizens can call in case of an accident on one of the communication systems, providing electricity, water or heating homes. In order to eliminate an emergency situation at the scene will leave a team of skilled workers.

Functions and inspection services
Each state company decides on the issues within its competence, corresponding to its specialization. So Housing Service is considering issues related to:

setting accounting counters;
tariff determination for public utility services;
drafting supplies com contract. services;
violation of the rules of the contents;
carrying out low-quality repair;
failure to comply with the rules provide comments. services;
improper use of the premises;
Poor maintenance and the condition of public property in high-rise buildings.
The problem of housing inspection - providing the residents of apartment buildings a decent level of service, people can access services on the above and any other issues. The walls are painted in the stairwell, light bulbs are broken or scrapped elevator - all these reasons, to apply to the inspection.

Also in this office can file complaints about poor quality of district heating. If the apartment is not air temperature reaches specified in the standards indicators, tenants can demand a reduction in payment for heating.

Each profile municipal office of the city has its own emergency service. So if there are high-rise building in the irregular supply of hot and cold water, electricity or gas, residents should contact the appropriate authorities responsible for communication.

Management Service informs people living in high-rise buildings on the timing of planned maintenance communications, providing off electricity, gas or water. If accidents are eliminated quickly enough, the planned repairs may take several days. In the case of disconnection of water, residents of the house will have to make its reserves.

The service, which does not know all the inhabitants of the city, but which can be of great assistance to all working citizens - labor inspection. The goal of her work - protecting the rights of employees of enterprises and organizations. If a person faces in dealing with an infringement of his rights, he will find help and legal support to labor inspection. Employer otnesshiysya correctly to the employee, after all the circumstances of the representatives of the office will be required to pay a fine and compensation for moral damages to the victim.