Law enforcement agencies in Cebu

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The main functions that perform law enforcement agencies, security agencies in Cebu - the protection of citizens' rights and freedoms. Their direct responsibility is the prevention and suppression of various offenses.

The security forces - an essential element of the device of any state, the history of their origin is rooted in the distant past. The first institutions designed to protect people were founded many centuries ago, though at first they were military units, who take care of the order. Since the police forces in the States at the beginning of their development was not observed, all law enforcement functions were performed by employees of the army.

For military service earlier calls on all the male population, the military commander of the function performed military commander, the command became the age-old Army chief also served. Despite the presence of officers, public opinion is also taken into account. In ancient times, all the issues related to use force to solve conflicts, and so on. Were solved with the help of soldiers.

The practice of using military units to carry out police duties practiced in all countries. So in ancient Greece policing engaged public servants, they carried out the arrests, were watching the procedure and so forth.

In ancient Rome, to the issue of the protection of public order came over the system - three judges had in the subordination of slaves units. Basically the slaves were engaged in that duty at the gate of the city, equipped with all the tools needed to extinguish the fire. Later, when the forces operating units was not enough, they were joined by volunteers from among the townspeople.

The functions of modern law enforcement actions
The action of the state law enforcement agencies aimed at:

protection of public order;
the execution of judgments;
carrying out preventive activities;
constitutional control;
prosecutor supervision;
investigative work;
legal support;
crime investigation.
In Cebu legal protection order in the city engaged the police to ensure patrolling the streets at night and daytime. The townsfolk used to contact the police in case of violation of their rights and freedoms.

The duty of the police is to ensure the personal security of citizens, the safety of their movable and immovable property. police units engaged in not only the fact of the crime, and they are required to carry out preventive work to prevent criminal acts. So easy to paint ban alcohol in public places, directly affected the amount of hooliganism on the streets. They became much smaller.

Police officers also hold discussions with the children and young people, giving them information about their rights, about the possibility of recourse to the police in case of danger, etc.