Embassies, consulates, trade missions in Cebu

Working for many years, embassies, consulates, torgpredstavitelstva in Cebu, providing services to individuals and organizations engaged in international activities.

The site of the city presents addresses and contact details of embassy and consular services, which can be accessed on issues of interest. To record at a premium, a consultation, please call the reception of the selected organization.

Ukraine conducts active international activity, providing trade and political ties. The Ukrainian cities for this reason are representative offices of many aspects of the world. Ordinary citizens are not participating in the foreign policy of the country, it is necessary also to apply to those offices, when it is necessary to go abroad for work or for permanent residence.

Unlike embassies of consulates it is in the areas of activity of each of the institution. If the embassy is engaged in the major political issues in the consular jurisdiction are questions of establishing contacts with local authorities, as well as the provision of public services.

Functions of embassies and consular missions
Ambassadorial representatives play the role of political representatives in Ukraine. At the consulates main purpose is:

visa wishing to travel to countries of the consul;
carrying out notarial actions;
to protect the interests of minors and disabled members of their own country;
delivery of documents to its citizens;
ensuring the rights in case of death;
provide representation of its citizens of the state in court;
diversified assistance to its citizens.
So at the offices of the countries of the Schengen zone, it can be issued a Schengen visa for foreigners living in the Ukrainian cities. Ukrainians Schengen visa is not required, with effect bezviza, representatives of Ukraine can travel freely in the Schengen area.

If a citizen of Ukraine has not issued a biometric passport, but there is in the presence of previously obtained a Schengen visa, he can freely go to any of the Schengen countries. He does not need to apply to the institution of the State in which he is going to visit.

To the listed functions of the consulates, also worth adding control of vehicles with registration of their country. Specifically consul supervise ships traveling on waterways another state. The same applies to aircraft plying in the airspace of another State, under its own flag. Consulate General of controls not only the hardware, and are under the supervision of the crews of ships and aircraft. It consul may settle the dispute between the captain and the crew, to act as a representative of the authorities, to end the debate. Consular representatives may investigate various incidents and so on.