Cemeteries, crematories, mortuaries in Cebu

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Is a cemetery, crematorium, mortuary in Cebu in the city and beyond. Find contact details of funeral services, which will take the trouble of burial can be on the city website. If necessary, obtain further information about the services, rates, and so forth. To contact the selected company on the telephone number listed on the site.

For relatives and friends of the deceased is important in preparation for the funeral quickly organize all the necessary processes - to find a place in the cemetery, to pick up cafe for funerals, etc. It is because people are rarely able to independently carry out all the preparations, they turn to specialized agencies..

types of cemeteries
Basically burial place rituals accompanying burial process are selected in accordance with religious beliefs deceased. By the same token separated by different cemetery area, which are:

Christian Orthodox;
Karaite and Jewish;
Lutheran and Catholic;
There are also Old Believers cemetery, but as members of this religious movement is very small among the inhabitants of the city, such burials are more historical monuments.

Muslim funeral traditions involve the burial of the deceased directly in the day of the funeral. At this dead man's face should be directed towards Mecca. Muslim burial are simple, none of them is magnificent grandiose tombstones. Usually set by a discreet style monument, which stands out from the chapter of the Koran, and specify the name repose beneath man.

Contemporary Christian burial are diverse. So in the Christian cemetery can be seen modest grave, and sometimes there are entire facilities. The main feature of the Christian ritual - the presence of the cross, it is set so that the crucifix was drawn to the person of the deceased.

Pomp and color differ Gypsy graves. Relatives of the deceased try generously to issue its place, so that even after a person's death, his high status in his lifetime was visible. Also, the Roma have a tradition of burying the dead near the road.

Karaite and Jewish burial can be located in the same area as the two cultures have much in common. Of the traditional aspects that are present in the design and Karaite Jewish graves is the absence of fresh flowers planted near the burial. Karaites and Jews do not go to the cemetery on Saturday.

An alternative to the usual burial was a cremation of the dead. This form of burial many steel specified in the will. Cremation also solves the issue of cemeteries that grew near large cities and occupy large areas of the territory. Relatives and friends who want to visit the graves of relatives, can come in a columbarium, which will store the urn with the ashes.