State Administrations and City Councils in Cebu

Located administration and controls in Cebu in the central area of ​​the city. If necessary, get an appointment to the official, it is necessary to call the reception and sign his secretary.

The site of the city presents addresses and contact details of the city administration, representative bodies of local government.

City Administration performs a variety of duties, among them - the implementation of programs for the development of various spheres of economic and cultural activities. In particular, the city administration is committed to protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens, engaged in the preparation and execution of the budgets of regions and districts for an adequate report. So gorupravleniya making contacts with departments of local government, by their effective interaction is directly dependent on the well-being of citizens.

The competence of the mayor is also the realization of the powers granted to it by the State and the various councils.

Administration and government objectives
Local governments are endowed with a number of powers, in particular with the following functions:

Representation role is performed by the relevant departments, have special powers. A special section is normative role, the fulfillment of which - responsible event, which shows the effectiveness of the work assigned to their positions of officials. During the implementation of this function are canceled and the various acts that have a direct impact on the lives of citizens.

The leadership of the districts main goals and objectives are the same as in the city administration, the latter provides only the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens across the city, and subsections perform their duties at the district level.

The city administration has a structure including the various departments, as Board of Education oversees education Cebu, Department of Health - medical facilities, hospitals, clinics and other Department of Culture -. Is responsible for the theaters, cinemas, monuments of culture and so on.

The structure of the city administration also includes the environmental department and the protection of natural resources. Its primary mission is to preserve the favorable environmental conditions in Cebu. The public is constantly making proposals and projects for the improvement of streets and landscaping, planting shrubs and so on. Administration officials Cebu organize meetings with residents to discuss the most pressing problems.

Environmental security - the most environmental management systems, in which the environment is not harmed. In the area of ​​Cebu and the issue today than ever relevant. Residents set up e-petition, which calls on local authorities to take decisive action to ensure the environmental safety of the region.