Wall insulation in Cebu

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Thermal insulation of facades - one of the most popular types of finishing construction of houses to be ordered Cebu for apartments in high-rise buildings, as well as private residences. Order wall insulation in Cebu can be in specialized construction companies having the appropriate equipment and technology.

Addresses and contact details of such companies can be found in the electronic catalog of the city portal. Also on the city website users have feedback on listed firms, which noted positive and negative aspects in cooperation with them. Based on the reviews, you can choose the most reliable company, which should make a reservation.

Types of thermal insulation of walls
Due to the rising cost of gas and electricity Cebu population has increasingly resorted to various methods, saves heat. These methods mainly include thermal insulation of the house, which is made with materials such as:

expanded clay;
basalt wool;
mineral wool;
glass wool;
These materials are distinguished by high strength and durability. They also have all the properties required for the materials used on the exterior panels of buildings.

The facade is exposed to constant sunlight, rainfall and other natural factors, such as humidity and temperature changes. Materials intended as outer insulation, such effects are maintained without loss of properties.

In addition, rock wool and other building materials have low thermal conductivity, required to keep the heat inside the dwelling. In Ukraine, may be significant temperature differences throughout the year. In the summer the temperature reaches the target of + 30-40 ° C, the temperature in winter may mark -30 ° C. Building materials, reinforced the walls have to withstand such indicators.

Work aimed at warming the premises carried out in several stages. Initially produced cleaning of the facade, then he is prepared to work to secure the core insulation. Followed by attachment of foam or other mineral wool layer to the front wall.

After fastening materials made decoration works to ensure the aesthetic component of building activities. Masters of plaster surface, producing painting in the color of the facade.

It is also necessary to make insulation balcony of the apartment. For its internal and external cladding is also used mineral wool, foam. Internal work could be performed later. External events, it is desirable to produce in synchronization with the casing wall.

In a qualitative thermal insulation of facades can achieve significant savings on heating. In private homes it has the opportunity several times to reduce fuel consumption, to tie the boiler to a minimum keeping the room a comfortable temperature.