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Under the heading "Organization in Cebu," you can find a variety of funds, community and social centers whose activities are linked to the development of culture in the region and extra-curricular school activities. Most of these establishments organized for the implementation of a particular social mission or concentrated around a single idea.

The organization of the traditional type imply a certain hierarchy, which is headed by a single boss and subordinate group performs the necessary actions to achieve the objectives. In general, there is a certain program, which is the guiding light when it reaches a certain purpose.

However, today is born a new type of organization, devoid of signs of the traditional hierarchy, renounced bureaucracy, restrictions and regulatory powers. All this is to replace the consciousness, the confidence and the proper level of commitment. Control will be excluded as a concept, and the work itself will center around the impact. Education of this type are called "living" organizations and for itself spreads in the world stronger. Most likely, for the domestic office workers, accustomed to discipline, this innovation may seem counterproductive. But it is certainly not in the direction of policy, and that our mentality is not yet capable of fully adjust to the principles of a single consciousness. Ukrainians accustomed to the schedule, rather than free schedule and complete freedom of action.

The essence of the concept
The basis of the "live" organizations three principles:

evolutionary goal.
The first one says that interacting people do not play games, but in the ultimate degree of liberty to act in a way they need, and their performance can be considered reliable. Here it is realized the presumption of good faith which says that people should trust by default. Each participant in the process should be as devoted to the ropes, and there can be no place for secrecy. In this regard, not only fails on the confidentiality of information, but also eroded the concept of duties: if a person has the time, he is free to take on the job, far from its specificity and thereby benefit the organization.

The second principle establishes equality of all employees with each other, which allows actively share their experience taught each other and interact to maximize psychic atmosphere.

According to the third principle, even with the company's income history quite atypical. It is assumed that on its own profit is not the goal, but the way the person traveled at least achieve it - is a kind of non-material rewards, which can not be taken away.

Experts say that it is the building of a society is shaping the future, but big business while clearly not ready to move their offices to the mode "live" operation, so as not to miss large profits. However, the widespread crisis creates conditions for personal growth and the increasing importance of non-material values.