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Our heading "Internet, communications and telephony in Cebu» devoted to various companies operating in the telecommunications sector. Modern man is almost unthinkable without interaction with others through the Internet and telephone. Every self-respecting organization seeks to equip the office with high-speed communications to ensure smooth operation of the company. In addition, many are not willing to settle for an array of standard features, and are willing to purchase any additional features, without losing either high quality or reliability.

All of this is able to translate ip telephony, rapidly increase the pace of its distribution. At that time, the market is familiar to all of us means a fixed connection is almost frozen, that VoIP technology is forging ahead. With the help of the voice signals are transmitted over long distances via the Internet. Scope of application of this technology is extremely wide - it is used as a large commercial organization and production facilities, and more recently it has become more urgent for domestic use.

Of course, most prominently high efficiency of IP-telephony for businesses. Communication costs are greatly reduced when it is activated virtual PBX, and the quality of services at the same time very much higher than the other way around.

Varieties used equipment
We can say that almost all the new-fangled mobile gadgets and laptops are able to work with this technology. However, there also exist specific devices that increase the quality of the signal and optimize the overall level of communication. Among them:

laptops, communicators.
Each of these types has its own operating features. For example, if the call is from your computer to your phone, the first to be connected to the Internet network, and the second through a traditional PBX. In this case, from the human-computer need to install a special application. A simplified version of this type of communication is web-phone, allows to make a call directly from a web page by clicking on the appropriate button site. Finally, the connection between two IP-phones will be installed directly via the web, for free. It being understood that can be used regular home Internet without any additional manipulation.

The vast number of foreign companies have almost completely switched to an internet connection. In the era of globalization, when not only the coaches but also international business negotiations are the norm, only at the expense of the competent organization of communication it is possible to save large sums of money. In addition, to manage these calls and track the history becomes much easier. On a major account, all that is now needed - it is unlimited internet connection and a working device, which can act as a phone and a computer.