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Modern man is hard to do without the achievements of progress and failure of devices we use every day - is a serious problem. Few are able to do without a mobile phone. Therefore, many service centers in Cebu specialized in the repair of various models of smartphones. Breakdowns washing machines - the second most popular reason for treatment in the repair shop. The repairs rent and other devices:

IT equipment - phones, tablets and laptops;
office equipment - printers, scanners, copiers;
photos, audio and video equipment;
electronic device - watches, alarm clocks and smart fitness trackers;
small household appliances.
Typically, to troubleshoot cheaper to buy a new device. Most repair shops in Cebu provides free diagnosis services. There are two ways to revive a broken device: refer to the workshop or call the master house. Last overdue, if you need urgent repair of computers, for example. If the cost of services voiced does not suit you, most companies exit the wizard will have to pay separately.

Common Causes phone repairs
With intensive use of equipment life is shortened. Since smartphones are more likely than other types of equipment, there is a long list of possible breakdowns. Most often there are problems with a sensor. Screen or sensor button stops responding to touches or does it periodically. Due to mechanical damage problems can arise only in a particular area of ​​the screen.

Drowning - the most common mechanical failure. Plata inside oxidized stop working individual functional blocks, such as a camera. Cell disassembled and dried, and purified contacts. The latter is not recommended to do it yourself.

Problems with charging - the phone will run out quickly or does not respond to connect the charger. The reason becomes a problem with the battery or the power connector.

Because of problems with the loudspeaker during a conversation can not hear the interlocutor. A fault microphone - the main reason why you can not hear. In this case, part checked and replaced if necessary.

How to take your phone in for repair can be specified on the company website or by telephone. The page displays a list of service centers in Cebu, are engaged in repair of electronics and home appliances.