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Taxi - the fastest and most convenient form of urban transport. People who use them on a regular basis, usually choose a specific company, which, in their opinion, is the best. There are many firms that provide citizens transportation service, taxi service and transportation in Cebu different range of services, cost and quality.

Make a call, you can call on the phone, filling out a form on the website or by using an application installed on the mobile phone.

All trucking companies represented at the Cebu City site, which also indicated a short taxi call numbers, the conditions of bonus programs and promotions that carriers offer to the consumer.

A list of taxis services
Each firm has its own range of services, but the basic is:

passenger services;
Express delivery;
provision of a minibus;
vehicle rental for the wedding;
carrying passengers on its vehicles;
auto business and VIP-class.
Taxi can be used for courier delivery. In this case, the driver would pick up cargo and deliver it to its destination. Thus it is possible to ship all items: from documents to small household appliances. If you need something to carry, the customer can make an order a taxi by phone and discuss the details of delivery operator.

Transportation of passengers in his car means giving the customer the driver. Typically, the driver was invited to the event that will have to travel a lot around the city, and the owner of the car is not enough practical driving skills.

The most popular is a car rental for the wedding. Taxi companies, provide funds for a wedding event, typically offer to rent cars for the motorcade escort. By order of cars will be decorated and served at the appointed time and place. If you need to transport young relatives and guests in a cafe or restaurant, the service provides minibuses.

Taxi cab company can provide the customer with a minivan, if the trip will be carried out by more than 4 people.

The taxi pools usually have vehicles, differing by grade. So if a customer needed a car VIP class - it will be given to him if he wants to order a cheap taxi, it will provide a car belonging to this category. But there are companies Economy Taxi, which is specialized in the work on the budget vehicles, and low service costs.

The shuttle service is convenient for tourists, city guests. The driver will meet the customer at the airport or train station, transfer to the hotel or to the specified address. The vehicle is provided on a transfer, it can then be used by the client to travel around the city.

To be able at any time to call a car, can be installed in the mobile device a special application. Taxi Online - the easiest way to bring vehicles to get to the right place.