Macaroons, Brownies, Cakebars, Munchkins, Banana loaf

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✔️Box of 15pcs Macaroons(You can choose your flavors ube/pandan/mango/butter)
✔️Box of 50pcs/ pasalubong box Macaroons(any flavors)
✔️Box of 12pcs Munchkins
✔️Box of 25pcs Munchkins
✔️Box of 50pcs/pasalubong box Munchkins
✔️Box of 6pcs Choco Bars
✔️Box of 12pcs Choco Bars
✔️Box of 6pcs Caramel Bars
✔️Box of 12pcs Caramel Bars
✔️Banana loaf cake

may call (032) 2545678

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yes its available now 1900 per kilo 2-4 pcs per kilo free cooking free delivery within metro cebu...
9:32 am, 12 November